Creek On Way to MadRock, 2017. 120mm Film Shot on Minolta Autocord.
Cape St. Mary’s, 2017. 120mm Film Shot on Minolta Autocord.

Busy B.

Benjamin (sometimes bonny cd) & their roommate (Bacchus, the dog of front but not back paw dewclaw) are currently living in rural AB (Treaty 7 Territory).

B has published poetry, non-fiction, and short fiction in various journals. They are a reader for PANK, and ARC Poetry Magazine, and earned their SSHRC-funded MA in Creative Writing from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. They are currently at work on a new science-fiction novel, Vat Vixens, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

B also collaborates on video projects, and produces various rugs of original design.

Something like a maximalist

B is also a practicing Oral Storyteller* (& winner of the 2014 Storytellers of Canada “Emerging Storyteller” scholarship), regularly runs inclusive D&D, and can be hired to DM remote-play sessions. Additionally, B has composed award-winning scores for a variety of short films.

B’s chapbook, “Saint Rat O’Sphere’s Formica Canticle Poems,” was published by Anstruther Press in 2020. B’s unhinged book-length poem, “The Repoetic: After Saint Pol Roux,” is available from Gordon Hill Press in Spring 2023.

Portrait of B by Endless Portrait Project on Instagram.

*Along the lines of what Stan Dragland described when outlining Robert Kroetsch’s practice: “RK hyperbole, default trope of a sophisticated thinker who also admires the A1 Hard Northern prairie bullshitter…the best kind of storyteller, linked in metaphor with the highest grade of wheat. Also known as ‘bullshit artist’” (The Difficult, 170).

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