Gaming (DnD)

B runs Dungeons & Dragons in its most recent edition (5e) remotely over the internet. Any group with interest in a weekly or bi-weekly session can inquire with for availability and pricing. Sessions are run according to players’ play-style tastes, and are inclusive with regards to sexuality, gender, race, accessibility and other various forms of marginalization players find themselves navigating and/or sensitive to; for many, fantasy role-playing is about trying on different experiences, and the table B runs affords a safe venue to explore those experiences at, and likewise, a space in which to be irreverent toward the problematic elements of traditional fantasy world-building.

As Brennan Lee Mulligan says (in conversation with Molly Ostertag): “whenever you are playing these characters and the games, you are getting practice on doing the brave thing…if you can get practice being a hero, you can get practice being a queer hero”1 1(Adventuring Academy, “Finishing a Campaign).

Above: Various original tactical and regional maps used in some of B’s current games, developed in response to the worlds built together with their players. As members of B’s continuing campaigns, players have access to all content available on D&D Beyond for building their characters as fully and completely as they’d like to from the wide variety of source materials.

Groups (no larger than 6) interested in hiring B to run one-shots, continuing campaigns, or to consult on world-building, encounter-building, or hire for regional and tactical maps can contact B by email. B is also familiar with other systems and games (such as Goblinville), and may be able to run other systems for particular groups.

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