The Repoetic: After Saint-Pol-Roux. Gordon Hill Press, Spring 2023. (Debut full-length)
Willtraits, (the book of). Self-published, 2021. Edition of 5. (Coffee-table art-book)*
Saint Rat O’Sphere’s Formica Canticle Poems. Anstruther Press, 2020. (Chapbook)

Over 100 pages of annotated sketch journal portraiture almost entirely of WSPIII.
The Repoetic is now available for pre-order from Gordon Hill Press.

Dugdale’s deft use of pun, mishearing, and homophones, “Cast a spell” of visual impact and lyrical height, pointing to a hybrid union, establishing a sure place with innovative range the likes of bpNichol.

Read the rest of Jami Macarty’s Short-form Shout Out for The Maynard here.

Select Publications

(*as bonny cd)

Review of Derek McCormack’s “Castle Faggot.” The Minute Review Issue 8, forthcoming. (Literary Criticism)*
Yhorm Yhormbout Town. commo Issue 2, forthcoming. (Fiction).*
chain/mail-order ardor, Mara Jade-d, Elegy for Hitchhiking, (S)wing-night. NōD Magazine Issue 28, forthcoming. (Poetry)*
the phlebotomist complimented my veins 🥺. filling Station Issue 80 2023. (Poetry)*
Sissy Fits: After Bill Shakespeare (Hooked Rug, Photocopy, Collage). Spectral Lines (League of Canadian Poets Visual Poetry Chapbook), ed. Kyle Flemmer, 2023. (Vizpo)
MLAlien Abduction Survivor Testimonial #42069. The Puritan Issue 59, 2022. (Literary Criticism)
Bubba Ho-Tep (2002) Film Diary. In The Mood Magazine, 2022. (Film Criticism)*
Runaway Griffin Jury 2022 Part Two. The Negative Review, 2022. (Literary Criticism)
HOUSE ANSTRUTHER COMMUNITY TESTIMONIAL. ed. Shane Neilson. HA&L Issue 15.1, 2022. (Non-Fiction)
Runaway Griffin Jury 2022 Part One, The Negative Review, 2022. (Literary Criticism)
C&ND&ULISM_2.0.2.0.. A*N*U*S Magazine Issue 1, 2022. (Fiction)*
STARECASE. “Hard Ticket: New Writing Made In Newfoundland,” Breakwater Books, 2022. (Fiction, Fiction Anthology)
cat-girl Coriolanus, chest flat as a cast shadow, and Jim and I and a backseat Gemini, scarfing down four slices of contraband Mountain Dew lime pie. giallo, 2022. (Poetry)*
Excerpts from THE REPOETIC. Split Tongue Mag Issue 1, forthcoming. (Poetry)
DateNite. Riddle Fence Issue 40, 2021. (Poetry)
Interpretive Jig. Plenitude Magazine, 2020. (Poetry)*
Laundromatrimony. LongCon Mag Issue 2.5, 2020. (Poetry)
Ratterrattan. The Maynard Vol. 12 Issue 1, 2019. (Poetry, Includes Audio Recording)*
Curved Screens, & Dissociates Inc.. The Antigonish Review Issue 194, 2018. (Poetry)
Imperial Distortion #1, Imperial Distortion #11, Ratlantis Book #8 Excerpt(s). Qwerty Issue 38 (The Queer Issue), 2018. (Poetry)
A Review of Jeramy Dodds’ ‘Drakkar Noir. Qwerty Issue 36, 2017. (Literary Criticism)
Pekoe. GEIST Magazine Issue 99, 2016. (Short Fiction, 1stPlace Winner of the Short Long-Distance Writing Contest)
Wildrose Goes. Free Fall XXVI No.1, 2016. (Short Fiction)
halifux. Sewer Lid Magazine Issue 2, 2016. (Short Fiction)
Ratlantis: The Feature (Excerpt). Sulphur: Laurentian University’s Literary Journal, 2015. (Screenplay)
The SuperGothic Analog Impulse and its Digital Antidote. CRITpaper, 2015. (Art Criticism / Critical Theory)
aanacanda. filling Station Issue 56, 2012. (Poetry)
Interview with Mark Anthony Jarman. Free Fall Volume XXI No.2, 2011. (Non-Fiction)

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