The Repoetic: After Saint Pol Roux. Gordon Hill Press, Spring 2023. (Debut full-length).
Willtraits, (the book of). Self-published, 2021. Edition of 5. (Coffee-table art-book)*
Saint Rat O’Sphere’s Formica Canticle Poems. Anstruther Press, 2020. (Chapbook)

Over 100 pages of annotated sketch journal portraiture almost entirely of WSPIII.

Dugdale’s deft use of pun, mishearing, and homophones, “Cast a spell” of visual impact and lyrical height, pointing to a hybrid union, establishing a sure place with innovative range the likes of bpNichol.

Read the rest of Jami Macarty’s Short-form Shout Out for The Maynard here.

Select Publications

(*as bonny cd)

Runaway Griffin Jury 2022 Part Two, The Negative Review, 2022. (Literary Criticism)
HOUSE ANSTRUTHER COMMUNITY TESTIMONIAL, ed. Shane Neilson. HA&L Issue 15.1, 2022. (Non-Fiction)
Runaway Griffin Jury 2022 Part One, The Negative Review, 2022. (Literary Criticism)
C&ND&ULISM_2.0.2.0.. A*N*U*S Magazine Issue 1, 2022. (Fiction)*
chain/mail-order ardor, Mara Jade-d, Elegy for Hitchhiking, (S)wing-night. NōD Magazine Issue 28, 2022. (Poetry)*
STARECASE. “Hard Ticket: New Writing Made In Newfoundland,” Breakwater Books, forthcoming 2022. (Fiction, Fiction Anthology)
cat-girl Coriolanus, chest flat as a cast shadow, and Jim and I and a backseat Gemini, scarfing down four slices of contraband Mountain Dew lime pie. giallo, 2022. (Poetry)*
Excerpts from THE REPOETIC. Split Tongue Mag Issue 1, forthcoming. (Poetry)
DateNite. Riddle Fence Issue 40, 2021. (Poetry)
Interpretive Jig. Plenitude Magazine, 2020. (Poetry)*
Laundromatrimony. LongCon Mag Issue 2.5, 2020. (Poetry)
Ratterrattan. The Maynard Vol. 12 Issue 1, 2019. (Poetry, Includes Audio Recording)*
Curved Screens, & Dissociates Inc.. The Antigonish Review Issue 194, 2018. (Poetry)
Imperial Distortion #1, Imperial Distortion #11, Ratlantis Book #8 Excerpt(s). Qwerty Issue 38 (The Queer Issue), 2018. (Poetry)
A Review of Jeramy Dodds’ ‘Drakkar Noir. Qwerty Issue 36, 2017. (Literary Criticism)
Pekoe. GEIST Magazine Issue 99, 2016. (Short Fiction, 1stPlace Winner of the Short Long-Distance Writing Contest)
Wildrose Goes. Free Fall XXVI No.1, 2016. (Short Fiction)
halifux. Sewer Lid Magazine Issue 2, 2016. (Short Fiction)
Ratlantis: The Feature (Excerpt). Sulphur: Laurentian University’s Literary Journal, 2015. (Screenplay)
The SuperGothic Analog Impulse and its Digital Antidote. CRITpaper, 2015. (Art Criticism / Critical Theory)
aanacanda. fillingStation Issue 56, 2012. (Poetry)
Interview with Mark Anthony Jarman. Free Fall Volume XXI No.2, 2011. (Non-Fiction)

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