The Repoetic: After Saint-Pol-Roux.

Hi folks,

So so excited to share a link to pre-order my debut full-length book, The Repoetic: After Saint-Pol-Roux, out this coming spring with Gordon Hill Press.

This book-length poem, a pseudo/shadow-translation of Roux’s unfinished original, features a cover with a painting by Ryan Heshka, one of my favourite living painters! It’s incredible. I am truly so very spoiled.

There’s gonna be an OST I made of noise music to accompany the book’s release, a book trailer by one of my fav filmmakers, Ry O’Toole, + such generous wild blurbs from the hilarious and brilliant philosophy meme account, autogyniphiles_anonymous, and one of Canada’s greatest poets ever, Fred Wah!

If you like the purest form of poetry (the long-poem), soda pop, The Simpsons, vampires, femboy hooters memes, homicidal swans, or a future worthy of Desire with a Capital D, this is the book for you; even if you hate it, the cover is so dang good you won’t regret buying it.

I hate + am bad at self-promo, so hopefully I won’t have to do much more of this until we’re closer to the book’s release this coming spring. Pre-orders are a huge contributor to getting on best-seller lists and the like I guess, so please don’t be shy to get a copy and help it get a little bit of attention (I’m aiming—realistically for poetry—for a dozen sales, but I think the press would prefer a few more than that ahahah).

Okay I’ll retreat to my cave now. Thanks so much.



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