May Tour

Victoria BC with Sophie Crocker. Vancouver BC with Philip Huynh, and host Rhiannon Collett. Calgary AB with Naomi K. Lewis. Edmonton AB with Lucas Crawford, and host Matthew Stepanic.


A bit late posting about this, but the very excellent debut poetry chapbook, Water/Wept, by Daze Jefferies, is now available from Anstruther Press. I happen to have been the editor for this be-barnacled ode to Newfoundland, wum-livin’/lovin’, archive divin’ vizpo art-anchored inner-seashell-sonics little fine-tuned book. Its first print run sold out in truly a fewContinue reading “Water/Wept”

Spring Tour, Rugs, &c.

Hi folks, Some new rugs for sale soon, including WET LIL WIZ, a collaboration with Calgary artist Brett Bonk! Finishing a companion piece, CASTS FIREBALL, soon. May book tour dates with William Ping:Victoria May 20th (location TBD).Vancouver May 21st, Massy Arts Society.* Calgary May 23rd, Shelf Life Books.** Edmonton May 25th, Audreys.****[Conversation moderated by RhiannonContinue reading “Spring Tour, Rugs, &c.”

Happy Holidaze

Hi folks, Some recent writing updates on the go: •Please continue to pre-order The Repoetic: After Saint-Pol-Roux, which is out in the spring of 2023. It’s my first full-length book, and pre-order sales are huge for a book’s lifespan. Order it into your local and university libraries as well if you can, and if youContinue reading “Happy Holidaze”

The Repoetic: After Saint-Pol-Roux.

Hi folks, So so excited to share a link to pre-order my debut full-length book, The Repoetic: After Saint-Pol-Roux, out this coming spring with Gordon Hill Press. This book-length poem, a pseudo/shadow-translation of Roux’s unfinished original, features a cover with a painting by Ryan Heshka, one of my favourite living painters! It’s incredible. I amContinue reading “The Repoetic: After Saint-Pol-Roux.”

Freedom To Read Week

Hi folks, Finally took a minute to trim my intro spiel from the really excellent Freedom To Read Week panel I moderated for the Writer’s Guild of Alberta back in February. If you’d like to watch the full video with the three excellent panelists (Theresa Shea, Ifeoma Chinwuba, and Shazia Hafiz Ramji) follow this link.

Freedom To Read Week

Totally forgot to post anything here at the time, but was fortunate enough to moderate a panel for the Writer’s Guild of Alberta, discussing banned and challenged books, the history of censorship, and the emancipatory potential of literature. It looks like the panel may end up on the Freedom to Read Week website actually (itContinue reading “Freedom To Read Week”

Review: Two Books With Nice Green Covers.

Untangling Andreae Callanan’s “the debt” & Patrick O’Reilly’s “A Collapsible Newfoundland.” As I procrastinate preparations to return from Newfoundland to the nuzzle of foothills and the ugly Rocky Mountain wallpaper that is Alberta, I finally got ‘round to reading through two recent offerings from contemporary poets, Andreae Callanan (here in St. John’s), and Patrick O’ReillyContinue reading “Review: Two Books With Nice Green Covers.”

Review: sulphurtongue

Rebecca Salazar’s full-length debut works in a lot of really exciting, menacing ways, ways poetry coming from the highly-educated literarily-suffused world often does not work. In fact, the poetry embodies what the speaker in “Childless offspring” admits they want: “…I would prefer the ghosts / come out fully screaming just to prove / that theyContinue reading “Review: sulphurtongue”