A bit late posting about this, but the very excellent debut poetry chapbook, Water/Wept, by Daze Jefferies, is now available from Anstruther Press. I happen to have been the editor for this be-barnacled ode to Newfoundland, wum-livin’/lovin’, archive divin’ vizpo art-anchored inner-seashell-sonics little fine-tuned book. Its first print run sold out in truly a fewContinue reading “Water/Wept”

Review: Two Books With Nice Green Covers.

Untangling Andreae Callanan’s “the debt” & Patrick O’Reilly’s “A Collapsible Newfoundland.” As I procrastinate preparations to return from Newfoundland to the nuzzle of foothills and the ugly Rocky Mountain wallpaper that is Alberta, I finally got ‘round to reading through two recent offerings from contemporary poets, Andreae Callanan (here in St. John’s), and Patrick O’ReillyContinue reading “Review: Two Books With Nice Green Covers.”