A bit late posting about this, but the very excellent debut poetry chapbook, Water/Wept, by Daze Jefferies, is now available from Anstruther Press.

I happen to have been the editor for this be-barnacled ode to Newfoundland, wum-livin’/lovin’, archive divin’ vizpo art-anchored inner-seashell-sonics little fine-tuned book.

Its first print run sold out in truly a few hours, so, probably get your copy from the second run while the getting’s good; Daze is one of those folks who will inevitably become a stratospheric literary / art / life rockstar, and you’re not gonna be able to comfortably brag about having read her incredible early work once it’s out of print.

Daze did her own cover (pictured below) no less, so you could probably even hire her to do cover designs for your own work? Who knows. But get on this.

As always, I am available for hire for editing in poetry, prose, technical work, whatever you need a second set of eyes on. I am currently working on another poetry title for Anstruther, and a few full-length projects for various great Canadian PoetsTM.

I also do consultation work for grant-writing, and just like editing the rates are flexible/sliding-scale.

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